HSE is reviewing driving at work guidance

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Department for Transport are undertaking a joint review of the guidance on driving at work originally produced in 2014. 

There have been a number of technological changes in recent years such as smart motorways, electric vehicles, changes in car technology and safety systems and the guidance has become outdated in parts. 

The review launched with a public survey in January 2021 to identify how the guidance can be improved in terms of relevance and accessibility. The results have yet to be released. 

Although the risks associated with driving are difficult to be completely controlled, mainly due to external variables (other drivers and so on), an employer has a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to manage these risks and do everything reasonably practicable to protect people from harm in the same way as they would in the workplace.

The HSE wants to hear from fleet decision-makers and their drivers across all industries, including construction, to help identify how INDG382 can be improved in terms of relevance, currency and accessibility. 

Ref: HSE website, IOSH Magazine, Roadsafe website.