Health & Safety Policy

Why is this needed?

Every company or organisation with five employees or more must have a health and safety policy. As well as being a legal requirement, by making your commitment to providing a safe environment clear to your workforce, in turn it encourages best practice and a responsible attitude to health and safety from your employees.

Is your health and safety policy up to date?

Over time, your organisation may change its services or how you operate. You will certainly have a change in employees, or even move to different premises. Add to this regular changes in legislation and you can guarantee that if it hasn’t been looked at recently, your health and safety policy will be out of date.

The health and safety policy needs of every company can be very different, depending upon the size of your company, the services you offer or the products you manufacture. Willsmer Consulting will work seamlessly with you and your employees to quickly determine the needs of your company or organisation and help you put them into practice.

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